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London, United Kingdom



maddthing is an independent creative agency. We make change-centric ideas real. We produce culture and uncover true solutions with clients, collaborators and within our communities. As an ensemble of designers, developers, strategists, ravers, producers, chefs, writers, activists, and more, we have come together to create “no-bullshit” things. We are proudly empowering of female-identifying talent and womxn-led grassroots. And we work on the kind of stories and ideas that deserve much more attention than given, with clients and collaborators who genuinely care. Our world is in desperate need for responsibility and compassion. That's why we're more than just a design studio. While we have an abundance of skills, we don't like to be reduced to them. We don’t just make websites and logos. And we definitely don’t pitch. There is no competition - just different approaches. We have got no time for meaninglessness, or prosaic statements, or adding to the noise we’re actually trying to overcome. It’s our shared goal in life to use our skills and opportunities for good — one experience at a time. We are madd for change.

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