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The How To Get Enlightened Issue, coming soon

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Mothership Magazine is launching as a new print publication exploring counter-cultures from the 1950s to the present day. Heavily inspired by the underground press and 70's titles like OZ, Crawdaddy, and Nova in their tone and design, Mothership's first offering - 'The How To Get Enlightened Issue' - includes features on the Aetherius Society (a church based in West London's leafy Parson's Green that worships aliens), a 'Get a Hole, Get Ahead' manifesto by Bore Hole author, Joey Mellen (who successfully trepanned himself in the 60s), as well as a reflective on anarchist and social activist, Abbie Hoffman, and the day he led thousands of protesters to exorcise and levitate the Pentagon. Spanning across sections on art, music, fashion, mocked retro interior spreads, fake ads, and questionable recipes inspired by Fanny Cradock, Mothership will be 140 pages of beautifully designed, switched-on long-form journalism that informs, critiques, and invites its readers to achieve (with a little inspiration) their own personal enlightenment in 2020.

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