Moving Picture Company

A creative studio creating experiences that move people

Projects credited in

  • Cats by Joanna Loga-Sowinska
    Joanna Loga-Sowinska
    Production Coordinator
    Elena Gorbach
    3D animator
    John Bird
    Motion Graphics Designer
  • The Lion King by Joanna Loga-Sowinska
    Joanna Loga-Sowinska
    Production Coordinator
    Joshua Phrakhun
    Video Editor
    jonelle barnett


Moving Picture Company is a global creative studio with a single goal: to create experiences that move people. With decades of storytelling experience, we understand the true power of embracing innovation to push the boundaries of creation—it’s fundamental to everything we do and is how we make the most memorable moving images in the world. Our talent works with clients and brands across industries to tell visually stunning stories. From original ideas through to finished production, we can create any story imaginable, igniting intrigue and adventure to make work that truly encapsulates what it means to feel. Movement is in our blood, so we push ourselves, our technology and the limits of creativity to solve brand’s toughest creative challenges. We continue to lead in an ever-evolving industry, creating work that genuinely moves people and creates authentic and long-lasting connections.

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