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At MUUGEN we work to have freedom. We are artists, storytellers, creators and explorers... The reason we do what we do is to live the experiences that shape our personality and our lives, which are then translated into the beautiful work we produce. We want opportunities for adventures that fuel our creative furnaces, so that out of blazes we keep creating our best artistic and inspiring content. That means that when your brand works with us WE WILL use all of that energy, that passion and fire to communicate YOUR STORY. That's why at MUUGEN, CULTURE IS QUEEN.



Building Young Brixton

London Borough of Lambeth


"Toiros e Flores" - Bulls & Blossoms - A tale of the Forcado


  • It is a piece following Portuguese bullfighters the “Forcados” as they prepared for the “corrida” where they would literally grab a bull by the horns. In this small excerpt of their lives we explore what goes in their minds an in their hearts.

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