NIRO WANG designs and creates stylish linen garments for men and women who, like the brand, have a curious desire to explore nature and the outdoors. For us, Outdoor Clothing doesn't only mean something functional and practical to protect you from the extreme conditions of the physical world. Beginning with our Spring/Summer collection, we break the mould of clumsy practical outdoor clothing and offer garments for those who desire a lighter, natural aesthetic to explore themselves and the world around them. Less are the restricting hooded jackets and fleece vests and more the organic feel of linen in silhouettes that allow complete movement and expression. Our style and finish reflects and balances ourselves to nature aesthetically and spiritually. NIRO WANG offers a contemporary collection that bridges the gap between urban and nature. We cannot protect you from a frozen blizzard or howling wind, but we can offer a choice for those wanting to escape to the beauty of nature and away from our digitised world. NIRO WANG's brand is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of escapism within nature and hopes to promote this through the expression of creativity through fashion design.