Race, Identity, Misrepresentation

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Notahoodlum is a movement, a protest. It is the fire we feel when we are judged, wrongful opinions stuck to us like leeches, draining our life blood. We are who we are. We are men who laugh, men who cry, men who fight, fight for what we believe in. Your opinion won't change that and so won't our hoods. A hood does not make me a hoodlum. The clothing in which a man wears or the absence of, does not change the content of his character. If you just lifted up the hood and took your time to delve inside you would find yourself judging less. That is what Notahoodlum is about, showing the world that young black men are not the stigma they have been painted with, while listening to the issue's young black men face in this current world.

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