De Pinte, Belgium


Fred Smeijers is a first generation digital type designer, but his interests and practice are rooted in the years before the digital technologies became crucially important. Now he has thirty years of involvement behind him - with letterforms in general, and with the design and use of type, and its history. Smeijers is internationally known for his writing and lectures, but above all for his type designs, both, retail as well as custom-made. For Smeijers flexibility is very important, as the versatility of his oeuvre testifies. The wish to operate in a more open and flexible way encouraged Fred Smeijers to launch the font publishing label – OurType. Founded in 2002, OurType has since accrued an impressive portfolio of some of the best type design talent to date. OurType has a vision that is different from most other font companies. It publishes newly designed fonts that are tailored to contemporary needs. Yet it respects traditional values, and strives for the highest quality of product. So it stands equally apart from those who are enslaved to the new and those who merely try to recreate the past. OurType fonts are useful, durable and attractive tools for anyone using type now.