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EXHAUST QUALIFIED WORK. ORDER FEATURES. Qualified final work is the final certification project, the purpose of which is to confirm the student's knowledge and demonstrate them to the members of the commission who will decide whether the student is an expert in their field. Each student, regardless of his position in the university or the discipline to which he enrolled, should not only write the thesis paper, but also protect it.According to the results of the polls of many students, it was possible to find out that only 2% of the students write the final papers themselves. Others use the authors' help in writing thesis papers. At the same time, they are protecting themselves. Also, thanks to surveys, it was possible to establish that almost 100% of students consider the process of job protection not as difficult and burdensome as writing a diploma. How to order a final qualified job. To order thesis paper, it is necessary to prepare. First of all, you must still decide on the topic. You can do this almost immediately after you have received a list of topics that will be distributed among graduates. After you determine the topic for yourself, you must inform about your decision at the department. Only after that the topic will be officially attached to you, and no one else will be able to write a final qualified work on a similar topic. You should not order the author before the topic is assigned to you. Otherwise, it is possible that the work will have to be rewritten.After selecting the title of the work, you can add a small plan on the sheet. How do you imagine the structure of the work and what could you write about it. Even if this plan is not written in accordance with the requirements of the work. The car will still have to redo it, but at the initial stage it will be able to show the author of the work what you want to see in it yourself. The next step is consulting with your supervisor. In must tell him that you are going to write the work yourself, and you need his valuable and important advice. The manager in turn will have to give you his recommendations, perhaps he will even advise the sources for writing the work. Then you must go to your department and take there methodical recommendations for writing graduate qualified work. This is a document approved by law. All this you will have to gather into one and give to your author, who will write for you the final qualified work. The more complete your list of documents, the more likely that the author quickly and easily cope with his task. Try to avoid situations where thesis paper is ordered late, and it takes very little time before the change. You just do not have time to prepare. Then all your works and works of the author will go wrong.