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London, United Kingdom


28 Leman Street London England E1 8ER United Kingdom +44 20 7036 3720 info@quikflw.com Online software Quikflw accelerate and also automates the creation of quotes, live orders, invoices, purchase orders, and delivery notes. It enables you to easily monitor the profitability of your work. Quikflw is an online set of tools for helping you to create and manage your Quotations, Jobs/Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Delivery Notes as well as providing integrated Stock Control/Inventory Management. Generate and send customized professional and attractive looking documents using our existing PDF templates or customise your own templates to match your business branding. You have full control of how your Quotes, Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders and Invoices look. Include your logo, T&C's, details about your business or product. Add front cover pages to quotes to really make an impact. Powerful template functionality allows you to expand your quotes by instantly generating covering letters or specifications. Create job sheets, risk assessments and even invoices and other files from the data already in the system. Allow your clients to edit and accept your quotes and pay instantly. Quikflw includes a CRM database with event management and sales pipeline. It also incorporates with leading software systems such as Xero, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Zoho, and various other. Convert quotes to jobs/ sales orders and invoices. Generate purchase orders accorded to quotes or jobs at the click of a button. Your clients can accept your Quotations and Confirmations on a webpage. The system is updated automatically, sending you a notification. Quikflw has been designed and developed to be mobile friendly. Log in online at any time, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and conduct your business from your house, coffee shop and even a building site. Upload files, photos and notes straight from your phone or tablet to Quikflw. Even use voice-to-text functionality to convert their spoken words to text directly, saving on valuable time. Quikflw is quick and easy-to-use helping you to manage your business paperwork with a few clicks. Remove the tedious and repetitive chore of manual data entry. Get setup and running in no time. Quikflw runs on any web browser with your data stored safely and backed up regularly. Use Quikflw on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile any time regardless if you are in a coffee shop or building site.