RBK Entertainment

Bridging the gap between able and disabled artists.

London, United Kingdom


RBK Entertainment is an independent label which bridges the gap between able and disabled artists, specialising in events, publication and artist development. Founded in 2012 by CEO & Creative Director Mr. A. Shakes, with the vision, drive and creative dynamic of bridging the gap between able and disabled artists. As a disabled businessman and owner of his own indie label, he was determined to pave a unique platform of equal opportunities for artists and creative individuals alike; both able and disabled. ​ RBK entertainment prides itself on empowerment... Designed to flourish within the music industry’s evolving environment and to empower the disabled community through artist development, fashion, live events and an online magazine. At RBK entertainment we see the company as the Paralympics of the music industry. Giving the disabled an opportunity to record music and prove they are capable of becoming credible artists with their own unique brand.

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