Refine with ALFI

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London, United Kingdom


Refine with ALFI was born from a passion for health and wellbeing and as an extension of The Refinery Fitness Studios in East London. ALFI is your tailored solution for Yoga and HIIT On Demand when you can't get to a studio....your pocket Avatar Personal Trainer. Choose when, where, and how long you want to train and practice. You even choose who you want to work out with from our team of quirky avatars...the focus is all on you! Our classes are tough but well structured, so you can either choose from a signature Refinery Studio class, or Build Your Own class in seconds - anything from a 10 to a 90 minutes and you pick your intensity. ALFI is a unique and engaging new way to workout where the focus is on building strength and resilience from the inside out. Earn tokens as you go that can be exchanged for new outfits, free classes or even given to charity. It's fun, fierce and fabulous - be who you want to be!

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