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Global insurance marketing consultancy

London, United Kingdom

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ReMark is a global alternative distribution and consultancy company, providing end-to-end marketing and technology solutions for insurers, banks, financial institutions, associations and affinity groups. ReMark designs and executes distribution programmes that establish and sustain brand loyalty while increasing the lifetime value and profitability of each customer. ReMark’s customer-driven marketing culture focuses on the entire customer journey, leveraging the rapid improvements in the quality, range and accessibility of data to identify not only those most likely to buy, but those most likely to pay and stay. With extensive multi-channel expertise, ReMark enjoys considerable competitive advantage in: • Data Analytics • Behavioural Insight • Product Innovation • Distribution Strategy • Campaign Management • Thought Leadership • Creative Design and Development The unique diversity and tenure of ReMark’s portfolio provides access to the world’s most comprehensive set of experience data for Alternative Distribution channels, while expert analysis of real customer behaviour turns information into insight – powering proven marketing strategies which optimise pathways to purchase to ensure measurable relevancy to your most profitable customers.



Asia Insurance Review Service Provider of the Year 2015

Asia Insurance Review


Asia Insurance Review Service Provider of the Year 2010

Asia Insurance Review

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