Richmond Fashion Festival



Richmond Fashion Festival on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 will be ‘Bringing the High Street Alive’. The retailers in Richmond will be showcasing their clothing lines on stage across Town. Some by holding stylist workshops. Others by turning their window mannequins ‘alive’. And a few by inviting loyal customers to exclusive drink parties. We are currently looking for talented and motivated people that want to step up their portfolio by working with high prestige brands such as Cos, Jigsaw, Reiss, All Saints, LK Bennet, Lululemon, Joseph, Bimba Y Lola, Whistles, Anthropologie, Calvin Klein, Zadig et Voltaire and more! As this is the first time the festival is organised, we are looking for candidates that want to work on a mutually beneficial arrangements, rendering their services for the exposure garnered in working with high-end brands and appearing on print through our soon-to-launched quarterly Magalogue (magazine + catalogue).

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