welcome to the future of fashion consumption

London, United Kingdom


we are the future of fashion consumption. the radical way to access luxury, keep your wardrobe refreshed and be kind to the planet. we’re the anti-fast fashion rebellion because the earth deserves better. and so do our clothes. our circular fashion community is about changing the way we think about fashion. investing, not shopping. reselling, not throwing away. buy it, love it, pass it on. an outfit is never just an outfit. clothing is one of the most immediate forms of self-expression. it effects your mood, constructs your identity and can help you find your community. rlvd is a platform that lets you experience luxury clothing in a circular way. get access to unsold, unworn, vintage or second-hand pieces. but this isn’t about owning clothes. when you buy clothes, you wear them, love them and when you’re done, you sell them on. in our community, buyers are sellers, sellers are buyers. and fashion is seasonless. - smart luxury consumption - our community encourages guilt-free shopping that’s more circular than buying new from ‘sustainable’ brands. we help you rehome unsold, unworn, vintage or second-hand luxury items. then we resell them for you when you fall out of love. - become a brand - you know the dead clothes at the back of your wardrobe? it’s time to bring them back to life. close the loop on circularity by reselling your clothes. turn clutter into dollar. - resell to reinvest, and you’ll never run out of outfit changes - the rlvd space also gives you access to a community that empowers everyone to be an entrepreneur and helps you find like-minded people with shared values. and cute clothes. join the anti-fast fashion rebellion now.

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