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We’re an award-winning change making film studio. The world is on fire. Those with smarts have noticed and are acting, from long running NGO’s and charities with global campaigns, to broadcasters, wiser brands and finance institutions who’ve started to understand they can no longer sit by. We help those who want to make a difference to create and execute change through bold actions and stories that inspire audiences with honesty, humour and emotion, to create impact. Our background is in award winning films and campaigns, many of them viral or interactive, so most of our projects involve innovative use of distributed film and media. But we believe actions speak louder than words, so sometimes our films document bold steps being taken, or show, with honesty and vulnerability, change happening. After all, if we learned one thing reaching over 250 million people for the likes of Disney, eBay and Yorkshire tea, it’s that you make more impact doing exciting things than you do saying exciting things. Especially if we’re going to put out this fire. We work with the best creative and technical talent in their fields because we believe small teams of exceptional people can achieve unbelievable things.



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