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Duloch Leisure Centre ‘Bridges Suite Nightingale Pl Duloch KY11 8LW United Kingdom 01413195731 Engaging Football Programmes by Age Group The coaches that oversee our inclusive football programmes for young children and toddlers create curricula that take into account the varying age ranges of each group. We are aware of the demands put on each age group, so we constantly manage to maintain things satisfying for everyone. Every week, our four kids' football classes are taught by: - Twinkle Stars: children from 18 months to 3 years - Bright Stars: children aged three to four - Shooting Stars: between the ages of five and six - Super Stars: children aged 7 to 9 Every group's goal is to help each child reach key developmental milestones that will boost their self-esteem and teach them valuable social skills, all while having fun and teaching them how to play football, the fantastic game, with other kids their own age. Duloch Toddler Football Twinkle Stars: Three Years to Eighteen Months Our Twinkle Stars football programmes in Duloch are intended to support children in forming a favorable relationship with sporting activities and a love of football at an early age. These programs are available to youngsters who are 18 months, 2 years, and 3 years old. Our Twinkle Stars programmes build fundamental but crucial motor skills, which lay a solid basis for physical activity. Your child will start learning the foundations of movement with a focus on football at the age of eighteen months. We offer football classes for toddlers that introduce them to the enjoyable of the video game, despite the fact that our older age are much more concentrated on the strategy of the game. Young Stars, ages three to four The goal of our Bright Stars sessions is to improve beginning football capabilities. These football courses, which are the following step up for young children aged 3 to 4, are still everything about enjoying and teaching your children the principles of the video game according to their skill level. Toddlers can enjoy these enjoyable and low-key sessions without feeling obligated to participate or possess prior sports knowledge. With enjoyable sports-related activities, our coaches concentrate on developing your child's self-confidence and cognitive skills at this age, including memory and sychronisation. Football for Kids-- Duloch 5-to 6-year-olds are the Shooting Stars. Our toddler sports classes are a little less advanced than the sessions for this age group of 5 and 6 years of ages. Your kid can now focus on learning more about the beautiful game, consisting of the functions of strategy, teamwork, and technique, as they will have already understood the principles of football in the initial two groups of our development pathway. With training in shooting technique, dribbling, tackling, and passing, our Shooting Stars group looks for to refine their footballing abilities and motions. As we introduce our enjoyable 'Abilities to beat gamers' version to the youngsters, they will likewise have the chance to begin sharing themselves artistically on the pitch. Super Stars: 7 to 9-year-olds Our sporting activities training finishes with the Super Stars, the last age group. These 7-, 8-, and 9-year-old football courses enhance and enhance football growth even more than previous age classes, preparing our young players to, if they so select, sign up with a league young people group after that. Our Super Stars refine their football skills by concentrating on significantly complex strategies and strategies that enable them to defeat rival gamers and teams. Through tactical group activities, the kids additionally have the opportunity to be extra interactive and concentrate on in-match understanding, placing, and spatial responses. Join our entertaining children's football clubs in Duloch right now! The Advantages of Our Football Courses Our classes provide your child with an enjoyable curriculum while teaching them useful abilities that will enhance their performance and help them develop a range of skills that are applicable both on and off the football pitch.