Substantive Media

Media Publishing company


Substantive Media is a multi-platform publisher and branded content house committed to using quality print, web, digital and video to provide content with substance across a range of topics. We believe what we call ‘the magazine model’ is the best way of supplying enduring, reliable content and we think it can be applied as successfully to other platforms as it has been in print. Substantive has gathered a diverse and talented team including inspiring writers, editors, designers, developers and videographers to produce outstanding work for our own magazine brands. Our team will also approach the work we conduct for selected partner companies and organisations with the same commitment to quality production and editorial merit. We are called Substantive Media because we aim to bring substance to all the content we produce. At its best, content with substance is just about the most valuable commodity we have. And we want to play our small part in fighting back against its devaluation. This means rigorous, challenging and evidence-based writing on topics that matter, not content made to capture eyeballs or disengaged clicks.

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