Teen Voice UK

Founded by young people - for young people.

London, United Kingdom


Teen Voice UK is a pressure group founded in early 2017, by young people-for young people. We are a grassroots organisation based in the south of England, with the majority of our members hailing from London and the surrounding counties. All great movements begin in the foundations of society, and a grassroots approach is essential to what we do. We saw that in the UK, young people’s opinions are often unheard, and we are ignored more than any other age group. Teen Voice UK gives us an opportunity to unite young people, to speak out and fight back to make our opinions heard. We are committed to empowering young people and giving them a voice. We plan to use Teen Voice to bring about change, both on the general issues facing young people today as well as our main campaign points. In the past, we have organised public demonstrations, made videos, leaflets and spoken at various events to draw attention to the issues that affect young people. While small, we are working hard to expand not just in areas local to our members but across the United Kingdom.

People who have worked with Teen Voice UK