the Boom!

Unblock, Unlock, Unleash


the Boom! is an Operating System that powers Global businesses to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash creative, commercial and cultural impact in people, teams and businesses. Adopted by CEOs and their Boards, it’s embedded in over 60 businesses across FMCG, advertising, media, retail, and entertainment - it drives leadership behaviour, creative problem-solving, new business model creation and ‘Positive Disruption’ within existing markets. The application of the OS through the ‘Pitch Doctoring’ arm of the business has helped deliver $1.5bn of pitch wins for global agency clients. the Boom! also extends into products aimed at individuals who are rising stars, intrapreneurs and scale-up founders with downloadable paid-for Masterclasses that deliver the Operating System at their pace across specific creative, commercial and cultural areas. I co-authored the Amazon best-seller ‘Creative Superpowers’, a book that Bruce Daisley said ‘made his brain fizz’ and Emma Gannon demanded ‘every business leader read’.

I’m a global keynote speaker and lecturer, working with the RSA, RA, How to academy, Adweek, Evening Standard and Virgin Startups sharing stages with Malcolm Gladwell, Keith Weed and Heather Mills and run a content series called ‘Boom! Sessions’ in partnership with Fora. I executive coach CEOs, CSOs, ECDs and founders on how to build the Boom! Operating System into their everyday leadership blueprint.