The Happiness Apothecary Co

Give The Gift of Self Care


The Happiness Apothecary Co. is a Premium Self care company like no other. We are on a mission to harness the power of evidence based science and nature to bring joy to all. We've organized and obtained the best products so you don't have to and combined with finely tuned routines and rituals to enable you to be the best you can be each day. We have created The Happiness Apothecary Company to help people like me who need a reminder that self-care is vital and voila! our idea of packing self care essentials in a care package came about. This is by no means a cure or treatment in a box, but a pick me up and warmth from us to you to help in ways I know can make a difference. Our hand picked care package contain products which have evidence to support their role in improving mood and feeling good. We hope these best self care package help you, a family member, friend or loved one who could do with a self-care reminder and pick me up.