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The RISE Collective was founded in 2015 to tackle the persistent disenfranchisement and marginalisation of many of our young people. Through creative arts and media we are shaping opportunities for young people to build self-organising collectives, amplify their voices and connect to innovative platforms, professional experiences and strong role-models. We want to bring forward the day that young people can build on their power and determine their own futures. So if you're interested in getting involved... get in touch. If you want to take part in one of the projects get in touch, if you're a film-maker, politician, business guru, artist, dancer, poet, musician, content writer, just someone with time on their hands and passion in their bones... you know what to do. We're building a movement, come get involved :) RISE is a Registered Charity: 1168856 For more information please contact: Instagram: @therisecollectiveuk Twitter: @RiseAmplify

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