Thick/er Black Lines

An artistic and intellectual testimony to Black Europe

London, United Kingdom



Thick/er Black Lines is an interdisciplinary research-led initiative applying contemporary art theory, cultural studies and social practices to rewrite histories and to negotiate a way forward. Using print, typography and design our intention is to artistically and intellectually testify to a transnational and a Black European diaspora. We are intent on building upon an outdated framing of Black British art as new needs, professions and technologies emerge. Our unique interactions and narratives show a difference and relatedness across nations and routes. Polarised by curiosity and concern we acknowledge the presence of us all and begin place making with consideration to the pluralities of Blackness in and out of this world. Initiated by Rianna Jade Parker, Aurella Yussuf, Hudda Khaireh and Kariima Ali.

People who have worked with Thick/er Black Lines