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  • Woolworths
    Marie Ansart
    Visual Interaction Designer


TigerSpike provides a broad range of digital services encompassing both on-line & mobile technologies. We combine a strong technology infrastructure with a dynamic consumer focus to deliver. Cutting Edge A deep understanding of digital technologies is fundamental when generating cutting edge creative. An Architect without knowledge of building materials may create a beautiful building, but it has to remain upright. Know what the materials are capable of and your building is then only limited by your imagination, something the TigerSpike team is not lacking. Creative Driven by our Innovation Lab, we have a team dedicated to researching consumer digital trends as well as what technology is out there. Having a global footprint helps here too, evaluating the landscapes in Asia, Europe and America, and knowing the technological intricacies in each area is important to our global clients. It is very easy to burn a lot of money backing the wrong trend or technology, so we remain at the cutting edge of both to help our clients get it right.

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