UBERMOOD Filmproduction

Audiovisual communication

Düsseldorf, Germany



WHO WE ARE Two friends that met at university in the heart of the „Ruhrpott“ with a passion for cinematography. Both starting out by making films and online content as a hobby as kids and in high school and soon began working together on projects during university. Not long until we noticed a certain synergy and drive for bigger things. After graduating and creating countless projects together for clients, we applied for the scholarship of the MedienGründerZentrumNRW, won, and founded Übermood. WHAT WE OFFER UBERMOOD is an expert in commercials, image films and branded content and we call ourselves the new generation of filmmakers! We keep it simple, highly efficient, transparent and go with the latest trends. Because we take care of the whole image pipeline, you can lay back and focus on other important tasks. Book us for camera work including lighting design, postproduction and color grading or let us realize the whole production right away, its your choice! Our Projects always focus on the needs and goals of our clients. It doesn’t matter if told in a fast pace or a slow and emotional mood.



Scholarship Award Founding of Filmproduction Company

Medien Gründer Zentrum NRW

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