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The more you can immerse your audience the greater the level of engagement and retention. Vismedia is an immersive agency, and immersive experiences are proven to hold the attention span. Our clients are finding that communicating in this way with their stakeholders, be they investors and media, employees or customers is maximising the interest and engagement of their audience. World-class technology surrounds your stakeholders. In fact, most of them carry it around in their pocket. Our team have perfected this digital experience to enable seamless user journeys with two-way interactions by tapping into the advances in modern browser technology. The result is that these immersive experiences, in environments that showcase locations, products or services, alongside training and onboarding programs increase user engagement because research shows there is greater retention of information when delivered this way. Complete control of the user journey and granular real-time data analytics displays all user interactions which are platform agnostic (desktop, mobile, tablet and VR headset) using multiple interchangeable assets in one place (video, images, audio and documentation).



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