#010 : Overwhelmed

  • Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo
  • Charisse Chikwiri

Lesson Learned : Take your own advice.

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Lesson Learned : Take your own advice.  Something’s got to give.
It’s ironic, as I resisted corporate servitude, I’ve found myself to be a slave to opportunity. Sadistically, I’ve come to realise I’m striving to put myself in a position where I’m ready to pounce on any relevant opportunity. Smart? Not necessarily. I mentioned in article #004 I’m supporting my habit at all costs until I find a way to reverse the roles. In hope that the fiend will become the dealer, simultaneously selling pockets of intellect and anarchy. (it’s not as sinister as it sounds)
The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to escape or turn down the ‘reality cheque’. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, it’s the cruel nature of being too busy to be broke. In a city like London, it’s becoming all too apparent that a moments rest is a moment where you fall behind. Healthy mentality? No, of course not, just an unfortunate state of circumstance. But something’s got to give, you can’t nurture more than your body allows, nor can you help others on empty reserves. So the approach is flawed, despite admirable intentions while spectators stand on the sideline awaiting your demise to ridicule your efforts. Better yet, asking for opportunities and resources, at the first sign of success without a single sign of support during the trying period.
This taught me one thing, I’m on my own and my greatest sceptics will be those who are in close proximity. So the question is how do I proceed as a one man business?
Farewell to multitasking, welcome compartmentalisation. Time is valuable and long days are no longer beneficial to the cause. Perhaps by creating a necessity for diligence, efficiency will take effect focussing my agenda and adapting my approach to each task. Currently, I divide my week acknowledging my limit of sevens days a week, dictated by my need of five roles to operate each business. Surmounting to the singular eventual goal of sustainability & viability.
This is the reality of restricted finances and grand ambitions, recognise what you need and when you need it.
MONDAY : Studio Manager / Social Media Strategist  TUESDAY : Publicist  WEDNESDAY : New Business Manager / Agent THURSDAY : Designer / Filmmaker (Maker) FRIDAY : Designer / Filmmaker (Maker) SATURDAY : Friend  SUNDAY : Partner & Writer
In the midst of writing my ‘Creative CV,’ I was struck by the realisation that I had to redefine the idea of emerging. Let me be clear, if you can financially sustain a living (no matter how humble) through your ambitions, be recognised by your carefully selected peers and target audience and be paid / funded through them. Better yet make a financial income through that community… you have emerged!
Beyond that, your pursuit has turned into solidifying your position as a permanent fixture in your field as an authority figure. Moving onto creating markers of financial success, illustrating growth in your business, which is effectively measured against matching or outperforming your employed counterpart.
What I question at this juncture is, at what point will the pursuit of financial success shift my position from a creator to a businessman, and to what detriment?
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