#029 : Ego

  • Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo
  • Charisse Chikwiri

‘At this juncture “emerging” is a euphemism for getting your s*** together.’

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It’s been said that the evolving definitions of Emerging that have been highlighted thus far, have lead to a more melancholic read. To this I reply…
“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” — Oscar Wilde
In a recent interview of the Breakfast Club, Marlon Wayans raised a very good point asking — Are we equipped to cope with the benefits and limitations of reaching the next level. In the context of “emerging” that translates into being in demand, operating professionally in all capacities. Is your public facing persona developed and reinforcing what you ethically and philosophically stand for? And do you decisions reflect that? This is about equipping yourself to survive the marathon, not to be first and not live to celebrate it.
A major regret I now realise is that at some point when embarking on the path of become an apostle of the gospels of Unmaterialised and the Advrsry, my actions went against their methodologies. Chalk that up to being over zealous. At some point I started relying on giving answers rather than asking questions. I fell in the trap of the ego, through beginning defensive. There is no better analogy of the immoveable object and the unstoppable force than the descent into ego and the meeting of the immoveable object of the super academic.
At some point I had to rediscover that answers don’t give solutions, they only end the conversation. Inevitable we as people never end conversations we only displace them. So if I amongst many others obsess over their slow or non-existent emergence, it seems we are attempting to maintain the same conversation with the same people in the same way. It’s time to try a new approach. Make your opinion a theory, make theory a philosophy and make your philosophy an act. Irrespective of whether audiences agree or disagree, they will need to respect it.
At this juncture “emerging” is a euphemism for getting your s*** together, and inevitably you will be equipped to deal with obstacles that obscure your path and vision.
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