10 Years of Social Impact

  • Margarita Ktoris
  • Jack Davey
  • Charlie Dorman
Welcome to our 10 year report. This is the story of how we employed 144 ex-homeless people to complete 67,943 hours of work in 10 years and more importantly, what we learnt.
Very occasionally, a unique mix of chance, talent, energy and determination combine to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts: 10 years ago, an idea began to grow and eventually became what we now know as Connection Crew.
Connection Crew wasn’t built by a single person or vision. It has been a collaboration, a shared mission, the result of years of partnership, courage and toil by so many extraordinary individuals, against incredible odds and, at times, in impossible circumstances.
This report sets out to capture our incredible journey, but rather than a droll, self-congratulating account of how utterly, perspicaciously impeccable our judgement and decision making has been over the years, we wanted to explore something far more authentic.
Our aim is to examine the social impact we have had in 10 years of being a social enterprise, but as told by the voices that were there, the actual people that have been directly involved.
Read more of the report here.