100 Day of Activism

  • Jade French
After publishing the book Let's Start A Pussy Riot I wanted to explore what it means to be an activist. Setting up the hashtag #100daysofactivism I blogged a different protest movements from around the world over 100 days, including interviews and submissions.

This new project, 100 Days of Activism, seeks to inspire the activist that we all have inside of us. We will be looking at activists from across the globe and posting inspirational interviews and stories. We need you to help us - please send your responses on whatever issues spark your fire and how you choose to engage - whether it's artistic, protest, slogans, banners, subversive, internet based or physical.

In 2013 we toured UK Universities with our book Let’s Start A Pussy Riot. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to engage with students and we had countless inspirational discussions and encounters. What became a reoccurring theme was that people tended to shy away from labeling themselves an “activist”. This made us question the traditional definition of what an activist is and what an activist does and we came to understand that personal activism can take shape in a myriad of forms - from being an “armchair activist”, “art activist” “internet activist”, “protest activist”.

There is no right or wrong and the definition and the idea of activism is being constantly redefined by technology and the tools we have at our disposal. We want to encourage everyone to find their own versions, definitions and tools to pursue their own forms of activism.