100 Ventures

  • Scott Black
  • Alfie Stevenson-Kelly
  • Dania Al Asadi

100 ventures developed through the King's 20 accelerator Illustrations for Bright Sparks Thanks to Sarah Mander

about the client

King’s Entrepreneurship Institute has existed at King’s College London since 2015 to support entrepreneurial thinking, skills, and start-ups for King’s students, staff, and alumni.

The Institute is known for its flagship Accelerator, King’s20, a 12-month programme that supports 20 high-potential start-ups from the King’s community. For example, they provide office space, access to investor networking, workshops, and bootcamps, access to grant funding opportunities, and mentorship.


Kings’20 is now in its 5th year of operation, with September 2020 including a cohort that includes their 100th Venture. This is an achievement that the institute wants to be recognised by the King’s community, alumni, and investors. Showcasing the impact and innovation these ventures have delivered across various industries.

historical context

A source of inspiration came from the 1940s, specifically soviet designers and their use of dynamic geometry, bold typography, and minimalist colour palettes. Creating powerful compositions, evocative messages, and memorable posters.

Inspiration was taken from the work of Richard Hamilton and his use of collage technique, using the mixture of pasting of paper cut-outs, texture, and photographs to form a depth of layers. The technique allowed to showcase a range of start-ups on a page in a balanced but curational way.

We created a limited poster series labelled ‘100!’ that would be printed and mounted on the institute walls. That could be seen by visitors and remembered for years to come.

We categorised all 100 ventures into 4 groups with each group being assigned a number from the title ‘100!’. Healthcare (1), Education (0), Society (0), and Sustainability (!). With all ventures spilt we begun sourcing imagery and compiling all assets needed to create a poster series. This project gains a further extension due to its success and is run as a campaign with a digital magazine, scroll down to see this project develop.

After successfully completing the series of posters, the institute asked us to extend the project into a digital bespoke magazine that spoke about the 100 ventures. This would be used to create a campaign later in the year to help raise awareness of the institute and the work they've been achieving in the past five years. Interviews had been made with the most successful ventures and the Institute wanted to have short articles that spoke about their personal journey in entrepreneurism since leaving King's.


We created a short digital magazine that celebrated the stories of all 100 ventures, accompanied by a series of 4 limited edition posters. Results of this campaign (01/12/2020–01/02/2021) were 9700 visitors with an average 5.25 minutes read time. We had 61.1% of people read the entire publication from font to back. On social media, the campaign received 23,499 impressions on Twitter from 4 tweets.