£1000 Challenge - Breast Cancer Now

  • Nadia Shaw
  • Bridie Wilkinson

Working with one of the UK's leading cancer charities - Breast Cancer now - I was commissioned to create the messaging and visual identity for their flagship research campaign the '£1,000 Challenge'. The campaign included elements of their iconic Pink Ribbon as well as images of researchers and supporters to capture a wide range of audiences. Within the project scope, I developed a campaign visual identity and core messaging of 'Join our Research Revolution', all print, digital and social media assets. The campaign was so successful that it reached the required fundraising target one week after launch.

Visual identity developmnent
Core messaging

The coronavirus has left breast cancer research facing its biggest crisis in decades. We’ve lost more than 100 days in our labs. 100 days of world-class research. 100 days of innovations.

Join our research revolution and bring us closer to the day where everyone with secondary breast cancer lives and lives well.