100ml // Product Shoots for SUITCASE Magazine

  • Jacob Elwood

100ml showcases the high-end beauty products that would be the perfect companion for readers’ travels (hence the title!) and is the first of three regular product shoots in each issue that I lead the concepting, art direction and shoot production for. When I first joined the team in 2017, this was shot on the same plain backdrop for each issue. I was asked to come up with concepts to help reflect the issue theme and produce a more dynamic outcome. Photography // Mitch Payne Set Design // Maya Linhares-Marx Art Direction and Design // Myself

Vol. 25, The Pioneer Issue. I had the opportunity to think outside the box and so started to think about the most pioneering trip ever made: that to space. With this as a key starting point, I looked into how to create a “cosmos” via dry ice and coloured lights.

Since this example this feature has evolved again to give more information about the products, stripping back the number to six per shoot with copy sitting over the top. This meant that when art directing the shoot I had to pay attention to where the copy should sit for each product – see next two slides for examples from Vol. 24, The Slow Issue, and Vol. 30, The Health Issue and Vol. 29, The Taste Issue.