13th Street

  • Rebecca Pattinson
The Brief:
13th Street is an international crime themed channel owned by NBC Universal. They needed an international campaign to drive brand awareness in Poland and The Netherlands that would push the audience to associate the number 13 with crime stories. They challenged us to come up with an interactive crime themed competition with the number 13 at its heart. Our response was to develop a multi platform puzzle competition with a clear mission... 13 days, 13 crimes, 13,000 Euros.
My Role:
My role as a lead creative was to create and flesh out our creative proposition for this new business pitch. This involved creating a campaign bible, writing copy for all of the crimes and creating designs to give the client an idea of how the campaign would function. Once we had won the new business and the project went into the preproduction and planning phase, my role shifted to project management. My role here was involved liaising with the client and international teams, creating content plans for two international territories, fine-tuning the creative proposition to meet the clients needs, whilst also leading a team of creatives, copywriters and designers to create and deliver all of the assets for the campaign.
Followers were invited to solve puzzles posing as 'crimes' in order to enter an app draw to win 13,000 Euros. Each day brought a new crime, and these crimes lived on different media platforms to increase the campaigns reach - from social media clues like number puzzles and anagrams, to mystery stories in national newspapers, audio puzzles on radio stations to live interactive crime scenes in the city centres of Warsaw and Amsterdam.
The ambition of the campaign totally paid off and the competition was a runaway success, becoming the channel's most successful brand competition ever, generating over 26,000 entries over the 13 day period. The campaign was entered into the Promax awards where it went on to win the Silver Promax award for Best Cross Media Campaign for a channel.
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