15 Minute Briefs

Answer a brief in 15 minutes.
I recently attended a copywriter speed dating event as part of the DMA Writer’s Crawl. Turns out it wasn’t an event to meet hot single copywriters (damn) but a competition. The challenge? Answer a brief in 15 minutes. I ended up being the overall winner (wahey) so I thought I’d pop a couple of my entries up here.
Brief: Create a bumper sticker to discourage texting and driving.
Brief: Write a headline for a stock image.
Brief: Describe the taste of salt.

Salt tastes like a bad boyfriend.
You know it’s an unhealthy relationship. Your parents certainly wouldn’t approve.
At the first encounter you recoil at his sharpness, his grit. But then you want more.
Every meal you miss him. Why hasn’t he texted? Is he out with pepper, or worse – vinegar?
You need to shake him off, but you crave him. And no matter how much you see him you’re always thirsty.
The only way you’ll ever move on from salt is if you find someone sweet.

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