20+ Graphic Design Briefs

  • Iris van Dijk

Welcome to the best design brief package - for graphic designers (download here: https://andthedesign.gumroad.com/l/20-graphic-design-briefs) When I started as a graphic designer, I really wanted to practice poster design with some graphic design briefs. To build a portfolio, experience, and confidence. Though, all I could find were branding briefs. So for all my graphic design friends, I have composed 20+ solid, industry standard briefs. It is broken down into 3 categories, according to difficulty and specificity: • Simple & technical briefs - leaving it up to you to interpret, this only gives the direction • Specific briefs - include all the copy and additional requirements, it's as if you're working for a real client • Different format briefs - includes different formats i.e. magazine cover and album cover design. Being able to work on different briefs for different purposes helps you to become a more well rounded designer who can work on the most wide spread projects. i.e. work on marketing campaigns, book design, and more.  The briefs allow you to practice design as if you are working for a real client. Some clients will give more specific directions whilst sometimes they don’t have any idea of what they want. So the goal of these briefs is to push you in terms of design and work on various projects with varying difficulty. It could also serve as a resource for inspiration when you want to enjoyable work on new design projects.