Iris van Dijk

Iris van Dijk

Brand & graphic designerAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Iris van Dijk

Iris van Dijk

Brand & graphic designerAmsterdam, Netherlands
About me
Hello! My name is Iris and I am a brand and graphic designer focused on bringing F&B brands to life. With an artistic eye, I like working with passionate people who have a strong love for their craft. To work together to visualise out of the box and unconventional ideas, to create unique brand experiences.
  • 20+ Graphic Design Briefs
    20+ Graphic Design BriefsWelcome to the best design brief package - for graphic designers (download here: When I started as a graphic designer, I really wanted to practice poster design with some graphic design briefs. To build a portfolio, experience, and confidence. Though, all I could find were branding briefs. So for all my graphic design friends, I have composed 20+ solid, industry standard briefs. It is broken down into 3 categories, according to d
  • Puffy coats
    Puffy coatsPuffy coats is an outdoor clothing brand, namely focused in coats and jackets. They want to motivate people to go outside more, also when it's cold because their coats provide enough warmth. To make the brand as friendly and approachable as possible, I rounded the characters and put them snugly, close to each other. This is also an allusion to the puffiness of their coats.
  • Spill coffee
    Spill coffeeSpill coffee is not your average coffee brand. They have an artistic concept cafe and have their own coffee beans that have unique flavours. It's about more than just coffee. With this in mind, the branding for Spill coffee is just as unique. The logo is a dynamic one and can be changed in various ways while still maintaining brand recognisability. Illustration is also a big part of the branding. Not only does it add more character to the brand but also provides the opportunity to reflect the a
  • A quick guide to grids
    A quick guide to gridsIntroducing A quick guide to grids. As a designer, I always use grids. It gives you something to start with; no empty canvas. It helps to add structure to the content, and mostly, it helps to create more intentional design. In organising a blank space, grids are the best tool. This is a quick guide to grids, so you can start designing with them right away. The guide contains the essential information from why to use grids, what grid to choose for the project, how to make your own grids in Il
  • Kami stationery
    Kami stationeryKami is a Japanese stationery brand. They respect quality and usability above anything else. With the goal to inspire to keep creating, the brand has a wide variety of stationery. From illustration material to study material, they have it all and with the highest quality. The logo is made up of minimal elements, which represents the brand's desire to be transparent, to the point: the best quality material that lasts. An element of a Japanese character (kami means paper) is included in the form
  • Bloomed.
    Bloomed.Bloomed. is an artsy clothing brand that focuses on providing quality apparel for creatives. The whole brand in and of itself is about creativity and they want to inspire, so that people never stop creating. The visual concept is very minimal: a clear typeface that is immediately recognisable. The brand visuals revolve around the concept of creation and include illustrations. The idea of the visual direction is that it is approachable yet makes an impact. The apparel is something that is nice
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Work history
    Brand and graphic designer& the design
    Amsterdam, NetherlandsFreelance
    In September 2022, I started my journey as a freelance designer with the goal of starting my own branding and design studio.
    DesignerMedia Distillery
    Amsterdam, NetherlandsFreelance
    As a designer at Media Distillery, I work closely together with the marketing lead to create all the social content. This includes product videos, short animations, carousels, but also infographics and the creation of newsletters, keeping the website and visuals up to date. During my time at the company, I have also worked on expanding on the brand guidelines to create more diverse and interesting content. So that the content keeps reflecting the growth of the business.
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Identity
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Poster Design
  • Brand Strategy
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) NHL Stenden
     - Leeuwarden, Netherlands
    During my time of studying Creative Business, I have worked on multiple medium projects. From designing a magazine, to making short films, and creating marketing campaigns. This study also allowed me to work with real clients. For my minor, I worked with a milk tea brand for which my team and I redesigned their website. For the same minor, I also create a personal blog for which I optimised the blog's SEO and made sure the design was responsive. For extra credit, I joined the course's student council where I was part of the design department. We took care of maintaining the brand's visual throughout the social media posts and event materials - such as flyers.