A quick guide to grids

  • Iris van Dijk

Introducing A quick guide to grids. As a designer, I always use grids. It gives you something to start with; no empty canvas. It helps to add structure to the content, and mostly, it helps to create more intentional design. In organising a blank space, grids are the best tool. This is a quick guide to grids, so you can start designing with them right away. The guide contains the essential information from why to use grids, what grid to choose for the project, how to make your own grids in Illustrator, and more. 5 different, adjustable grid templates are also included. In short, this is an actionable and short guide to help you get started using grids. Using grids, will for sure improve your designs, even if it's just by a little bit. Download here: https://andthedesign.gumroad.com/l/a-quick-guide-to-grids