2017 New Gift Kits Launch-Pursutis of Passion

  • Yvonne Kung
The 2016-17 New seasonal gift kits press event was hold on October 6, Taiwan. Total 49 Tier 1 attendees enjoyed a lovely afternoon, including La Vie, Vogue, and men magazines. More than 5 instant posts were seen on digital media, such as Facebook and online News after the event. Total 39 PR coverage for gift kits in October. We invited a music artist who is passionate about collecting music instrument and unique rocks. He also demonstrated three type of instruments which took all the guests into the forest by following his music .
This art installation had also extended to International Art Taipei Festival venue as sponsored art work in the 5 days exhibtion, it also helped increasing brand awareness.
Art Taipei exhibition 2016 started from November 12 to 15, which includes over 700 artists with over 3,000 artworks from 150 international galleries in the Taipei World Trade Center. The total audience of this year is approximately 40,000 to 70,000. The concept of the exhibition this year, is to focus on Taiwan natural landscape, which can be connected to Aesop new gift kits visual concept. We built an Aesop installation in the venue, right at the main corridor, to expose our passion for arts, design and culture. The installation was built based on this year’s gift kits concept with wood as props and we hung our gift kits and descriptions inside the installation. We saw a lot of passersby walking into the installation to check out the artwork.