365 Days Later

  • Johannah Lordan

I created a book for the ISTD annual student competition under the heading: Anniversary, which led me to write about the impact Trump’s inauguration had on the #MeToo movement and the following year. To emphasise the disparity between the masculine and feminine voices in society and the attention each is given based on this, I used quotes from notable people over the past 100 years. What was evident was that the white cis male needn’t have to say much to be heard. While all others need to be measured and softly spoken. To further reinforce the project it was printed on newsprint – alluding to ‘fake news’ and bound using a Japanese stitch, a process which takes time and patience. The idea of combining the fast and furious with the slow and steady seemed appropriate to our times and situation. In addition to this, the typefaces I chose were; Monserrat, a contemporary san serif used for the Trump Campaign; Baskerville, a traditional serif originally designed in the 18th Century; Akzidenz Grotesk, the original Twitter typeface.

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