Johannah Lordan

Johannah Lordan

Art Director and DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Johannah Lordan

Johannah Lordan

Art Director and DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Obsessed with nature, self-discovery and trying to understand what we are all doing here. Johannah Lordan uses various mediums to explore her thoughts and feelings on topics such as feminism, sexuality, equality and environmental consciousness. A plethora of interest means no project is just one output, often there is a crossover between projects for example, it may start with an emotion, then a drawing, which becomes a poem or short essay, then maybe a painting or a photo and sometimes a short film. Collaboration means enriching the work and the experience for all involved. Ultimately creating opportunities for everyone to explore different parts of themselves. Johannah Lordan is an Artist and Designer living in London. Currently, she is working on finishing her book and the launch of an environmentally conscious and sustainably made bag.
  • An Mhaith
    An MhaithI designed a bag that could be made from scraps, thinking about how to utilise fabric cut offs which are usually discarded. I worked with a collective in Nepal that employs members of the most marginalised communities and offers them safe a working environment and the support they need to allow them to be active members in society. All fabric is waste fabric, locally sourced and manufactured in Nepal. The collapsable design was inspired by the IKEA flatpack furniture – allowing for more product
  • The Space Between
    The Space BetweenUsing shapes and colours, to explore how much we need to see, to get a sense of a space or place. In pairing back the details the viewer is encouraged to let their mind travel.
  • Unbound
    UnboundTo be bound by something, tied up or contorted in an uncomfortable position – One that sheds light on both your shortcomings and your talents; one that holds you back from being free To feel like you can’t speak up for fear of what others may think To feel trapped in a space you don’t know how to get out We lead lives that bind us in many ways, but when we release ourselves from the binds we have created, we realise the toll they took on our mind and body To be seen, is to be accepted. And
  • Pernicio
    PernicioI created this title sequence for a final year film student. Pernicio is a short film about two people who befriend each other in a dystopian present day where assisted suicide is like getting a haircut. The film is shot by the sea mostly which is both peaceful and daunting. I wanted to create a title sequence that was beautiful and eery, and also a little ominous.
  • Imagine You Could
    Imagine You CouldImagine You Could is an awareness campaign encouraging people to follow their hearts and their dreams. I wanted to created a campaign that could be seen by anyone, at any stage in life and give them the courage to take a leap. Aimed at final year students applying to college, I wanted to encourage them to do what their heart desired. By using real life examples of careers that could be taught through available design courses, I created an alternative university program focusing on creative care
  • 365 Days Later
    365 Days LaterI created a book for the ISTD annual student competition under the heading: Anniversary, which led me to write about the impact Trump’s inauguration had on the #MeToo movement and the following year. To emphasise the disparity between the masculine and feminine voices in society and the attention each is given based on this, I used quotes from notable people over the past 100 years. What was evident was that the white cis male needn’t have to say much to be heard. While all others need to be m
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    Assistant to Partner and Head of CuratorialLisson Gallery
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Creative ConsultantDelira Dublin
    Dublin, IrelandFreelance
    Working with the two founders of a new restaurant and supper club as their Creative Consultant. Designing the ever-changing interior of the space for different events and services, creating a brand culture through a monthly magazine, including 'What we're doing this month.'- which comprises of local exhibitions, cultural events, podcasts and music.
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