419 Collective x OMO Creates - VOID Initiative

  • Andrew Odong
  • Ola Ebiti
  • Max Randall

Two of fashion’s eminent black voices, art director Olu Odukoya and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, collaborated with the 419 Collective for 1 Granary's VOID Initiative at London Fashion Week. Produced by Pesa Productions.

The number 419 refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud, as well as its associated charges and penalties. It also refers to a collective of three London-based designers, Olubiyi Thomas, Foday Dumbuya and Daniel Olatunji, who find common ground in an innately African craftsmanship and craftiness – the very same as used by the collective’s namesake fraudsters to create perfect illusions of success.
Two of fashion’s eminent black voices, art director Olu Odukoya and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, translated the 419 ethos into images that exude the same sense of cunning and craft. Just as with 419’s fabrics, the two creatives spun a narrative – shot in London and with a Lamborghini in full-focus – that presents a spitting image of Western luxury. But the garments in their story don’t actually exist, forged for the sake of producing an impression, never to actually be bought. Ultimately, they demonstrate that anyone can make it to the top of the game – you just have to take rulemaking into your own hands.
Click here to ciew the full details of the project on Pesa Productions!
Photography & Art Direction Olu Michael Odukoya
Styling Ibrahim Kamara
Production Pesa Productions
Hair Virginie Moreira
Makeup Daniel Sallstrom
Casting Madeleine Østlie
Set Design Max Randall
Models Sofia Steinberg, Kellyanne
Editing Gloss VFX
Grading Gloss Studio
Stylist Assistant Ola Ebiti
Makeup Assistant Charlie Murray
Production Assistant Yazzmin Anderson-Moore
Hair Assistance Annie Rademacher
Special Thanks Gloss FX, Hackney Studios, Royal Rentals


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