4Aces, Flipside (2018)

  • Loretta TOSSON


To propose an idea for how Huit can reach to new customers. The digital tool is to extend enhance and be be alongside with Huit's current platform. They want to be specific about the customer segment and should we target them and  why. * note, this is not a marketing brief. The agencies want us to think of how digital can enhance the brand. 

Role ​

  • I was a  product manager on this project from out initial pitch through to the product being delivered to the four agencies, Beyond, Made By Many, Ustwoand Sennep  
  • I championed Jeans for Life and lead of discovery which saw us interview and co-create with a cross-section of the organisations. 
  • I led a product team of UX designer,  graphic designer and strategist through a series of design sprints where we designed and tested iteratively. 

Jeans to Life process I advocated for​

  • Define & align on product vision - 

        Through data, survey, analysis and articles of Huit Jeans 

  • Design & conduct discovery - 

        Build empathy for users through feedback & A/B Testing.

  • Brand Design Awareness

        Aware of the brand's and Visual elements. 

  • Synthesise discovery findings - 

        Social media analysis, surveys, and existing research into compelling useful finding such as articles and influncers

  • Evaluate & recommend a technical solutions

        Investigate existing tech platforms that meet users' needs. Evaluate their performance and recommend the best solution. ​​

Building empathy for users through discovery

In order to build empathy for our users, we conducted in-depth into the data through their social media and website. We ensured the the customers views of Huit and how their values are align with the company. During this time, we looked at Huit's press release and analysis which has been most engaged to their customers. 

This allowed us to gain multiple perspectives on issues relating to the core competency of the organisation. While we focused on Huit, we are aware of other competitors and be inquisitive to contrast with their developments. 

Our research goals were to understand:

  • Who are users are 
  • What are their current status
  • What existing tools/ platforms & systems processes the customers currently use
  • What do Huit attract to their customers?
  • What are their hobbies and interest
  • Why do they attract to Hiut?
  • What are Huit's current offers to their customers?
  • How can we emphasis Huit's value?
  • What is Huit's current cusomter persona?
  • How simplified the customers user's journey? 
  • What are Huit's competitor are focusing on their brand? and why?
  • Are they reflecting Huit's values?
  • What does a community spirit looks like in the modern times.
  • What is Huit bringing back to Cardigan. 

Synthesising research findings into meaningful customer's segments and Huit's Values 

Our team had the most data and when we depth into Huit's history and heritage of Cardigan and analysis Huit's interaction engagement to their audience. 

Overall Results on Customers Segment:

  • Customers are interest in outdoors activities (hiking, running and swimming)
  • Married/Young family
  • High awareness in current issues and environment 
  • Establish profession and majority in the creative industry
  • Appreciate the heritage of an product 
  • They explore new places and the culture. 

Overall Results to Huit's Engagement

  • 'Our Town Are Making Jeans Again' and sub - slogan which emphasise their heritage 
  • Their Vision is relating to the customers not the visual representation. 
  • Huit's emphasis quotes from Paul Arden.
  • Bring the community sprint of Cardigan into the city. 
  • The depth in history of Cardigan creating jeans. 
  • Mindsets of patience to create quality product to the accesablity and city pace. 
  • Creating jeans in the traditional methods

A/B Testing

I decided to run a A/B Testing and focus how much humanity element their value the most during the user journey. During the feedback, having aware of the brand's design such as colour and visual elements and emphasis the circles due to the current logo. 

Due to the feedback of the A\B Testing, they were positive response of the suggestions for the  Jeans for Life users journey. 

  • Customisation 

        Giving options to the customer.

  • Humanity and Sentimental value

Introduce the Grand Masters

  • Secure Service
  • Interaction Process

       Between the customer, factory and functionality.

Impact to 4Aces

"Loretta is the glue, who holds the team together". Abeke, Flipside

I contacted to the agencies who discussed about wireframe and user journey, to show us an example of this. I was aware that other groups at flip side were not sure of the task their given. This gave the impact to Flipside and they were more calm about the task at hand which was due in 48 hrs. 


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