Loretta TOSSON

Loretta TOSSON

Sound Design with ProgrammingLondon, United Kingdom
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Loretta TOSSON

Loretta TOSSON

Sound Design with ProgrammingLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My background in music and creative strategy has given me a great grounding towards being a strategist management within the digital industry. Music and Art has helped me to express, reflect and strategically think about creative outputs for any project I have delivered. My ambitions for the industry is to change the way we encourage achievements and learn, by cultivating a meaningful culture and developing a broad skill-set. I believe exploring and being creative is a vital thing. As a natural leader I seek value in any experience. To find out more about me, check the link below
  • Pixl, Flipside (2018)
    Pixl, Flipside (2018)The Problem Job-hunting process in the design industry is still in the 20th century. Paul Manson from Emerging Technologies Director for Innovation Data says "The future of work will soon become "the survival of the most adaptable".
  • 4Aces, Flipside (2018)
    4Aces, Flipside (2018)Problem To propose an idea for how Huit can reach to new customers. The digital tool is to extend enhance and be be alongside with Huit's current platform. They want to be specific about the customer segment and should we target them and  why. * note, this is not a marketing brief. The agencies want us to think of how digital can enhance the brand. 
  • Flipside Programme (2018)
    Flipside Programme (2018)London’s leading creative digital agencies have come together to co-create a world-class Product Design immersive learning programme that will enable businesses to access a wider pool of talent and enable young east Londoners to be better prepared for jobs in fast moving modern businesses.
  • Screenshot Memories (2017)
    Screenshot Memories (2017)'Screenshot Memories Project' is showing a 3-D image of individual identity. this Includes bringing all the screenshots together in accessories or furniture. Each furniture relates to a topic. the pillows and bed cushions refer to the topic of mental health, which is represented by a 3D image. the artwork shows emotional images of people going through rough times and their journey to recovery. I used a unique quilting technique to represent external and internal memories: ​External - reminders of one's involvement in physical experiences (moments). Internal - exaggerated representations of an emotion.  Progress on upcoming projects will be updated soon. In the future, I will also invite you to particpate and share your memories on various topics.
  • Daniel Mark's Big Bang Competition Campaign (2016)
    Daniel Mark's Big Bang Competition Campaign (2016)To introduce more people into fitness by partnering and collaborate with Phat Boll. The marketing Strategic is to target a wider target of audience and bring communities together, comparing to "Phat Ball's" original aim, which is children 5-8 yrs old.
  • GoThinkBig x Boiler Room x O2 : London - BOILER ROOM (2016)
    GoThinkBig x Boiler Room x O2 : London - BOILER ROOM (2016)I was one of the 40 people accept into the Boiler Room and Go Think Big collaboration programme which gave work experience to a handful of young people.
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Projects credited in
  • Flipside
    FlipsideFlipside is a ground-breaking, industry-led talent training and development programme in digital product design.
Work history
    ConsultantDiverse Films
    14 E Bay Ln, London E15 2GW, UKFreelance
    Consulting based at Plexal for a startup which focuses on dance, music and design between communicating with management, producers and choreographers.
    The Tutor Pages logo
    The Tutor Pages logo
    Instrumental TeacherThe Tutor Pages
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Teaching Tuition for 6 - 30+ years old. - 1-1 Saxophone - 1-1 Flute - 1-1 Clarinet - 1-1 Arrangment - Music Workshops
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  • Problem Solving
  • Composition
  • User Research
  • Agency Strategy
  • Agency Management
    Master of Music Trinity Laban
     - London, United Kingdom
    Jazz Specialty. - Arranging and Musical Techniques - Creative Leadership - Make Music Now (Marketing, PR, Budgeting, Research Strategy)
    Performing, Composing, Recording, Pedagogy and Indian MusicLeeds college of music
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    - Pedagogy, Music Education in Practice (PR) - Teamwork and management - Musicology and Critical Development - Structure & Functions of the Film Music Industry - Indian Music - Composition - Performance with Electronics - Music Direction - Instrumental Music Tuition
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    Silver Arts AwardsA New Direction
    Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible.