5th ADCE European Creativity Festival

  • Merce Segu
  • Pip Jamieson
The ADCE European Creativity Festival is an immersive annual event bringing together creative professionals from around the continent for two days of inspirational talks, hands-on workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.
Headlining the Festival will be the lecture and workshop series titled ‘Rewiring the Creative Machine’, with top creatives such as Martin Weigel (W+K Amsterdam), Maria Scileppi (Dropbox), Tim Malbon (Made by Many), Pip Jamieson (The Dots), Conn Bertish (Cancer Dojo), Rey Andrade (72andSunny Amsterdam) and Kris Hoet (Happiness, Festival’s curator).
In a world that has increasingly become digital and shifting towards automation, what is the real impact of that evolution on creativity when, in essence, the creative process is messy and unpredictable? How do we think up the best ideas and develop them through new forms of creative collaboration including working together with machines?
Kris Hoet, Chief Innovation Officer at Happiness Anywhere and FCB Global, and Festival’s curator, explains the concept: “The creative process is messy, so how do we explore flow and ways of working together within the complexity driven by technology instead of trying to automate it”.
9-10 November | Design Hub Barcelona
For more information head to: festival.adceurope.org
Tickets are available at adcefestival.eventbrite.com. Friends of The Dots get 10% off tickets with the code: ADCExTHEDOTS.