60-Foot Tall Lil Nas X Hologram Projection for League of Legends Worlds Championship

  • Dan Ferguson

The largest tournament in the League of Legends calendar, LoL Worlds 2022, just wrapped, and National Experiential brought on Groove Jones to help kick off the event at a media event held in the historic Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

The world’s top League of Legends players gathered in San Francisco to compete for the title of the best player. The Groove Jones team designed and animated a CGI version of Lil Nas X projected on a 60-foot tall scrim, creating a massive holographic effect for the media and fans that gathered below. Case study - https://www.groovejones.com/60-foot-tall-lil-nas-x-hologram-projection-for-league-of-legends-worlds-championship/

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