7 Families

  • Benji Roebuck

7Families was a charity led campaign created by the Income Protection Task Force in partnership with Disability Rights UK. The campaign worked to provide a tax-free income for one year to seven different families who have lost income because of a serious or long-term illness or disability. It was clear before the campaign started that any issues raised had to be treated with sensitivity but the families' stories were ultimately intended to be positive - demonstrating how they overcame their adversities. Any branding created therefore shouldn't be too serious - no doom and gloom! Another challenge was the lack of imagery available to use. The brand had to be created before any of the families had been signed up to the campaign and because their stories were so personal and individual to them, using stock photography wouldn't necessarily have been the right choice. The subsequent brand identity centres around a bright, friendly and versatile bank of illustrations featuring elements from everyday life - the weekly shop, a family holiday, clothes, school supplies and more. These illustrations, along with a set of heads, created to depict generic family members, were used across the brand, from use within logos, to specific marketing materials as well as online and across the campaign's social channels.