9 reasons you need to goa to goa (#sorrynotsorry)

  • Agathe Monmont
While not quite undiscovered, Goa is a travel gem with a host of holiday delights.
A comparison to Ibiza is pretty bang-on - with a party vibe in the north, and a chilled yoga-y new-age vibe in the south, it suits pretty much whatever vibe you're feeling.
From dog yoga to incredible food and so much more, here are 9 reasons why you need to Goa to Goa (not even sorry about that Goa pun)...
yoga + dogs = doga
Channel your inner Owen Wilson and drop in for a Vinyasa class at Kranti Yoga in Patnem - a class that combines doggos and yoga for all the spiritual goodness.
Picture yourself in your best leggings, rocking that warrior two pose, listening to the sound of the ocean and occasionally connecting with the labrador of the house for some literal downward dog.
Between laid back students and cool teachers who are always ready to take it slow for beginners (us), you're in for a hippy treat at Kranti. 
Even better, this isn’t an ashram so you're allowed to talk, go out at night if you stay for a few days, and generally chill tf out.
eat/inhale literally all the bread and goan delights
Goan specialties are a must, don’t hold back on the fish curry, grilled sea food and thalis.