A History of Royal Fashion

A History of Royal Fashion is an online course released on the platform Futurelearn. The goal for A History of Royal Fashion was to create an experience for learners to explore the wardrobes of British kings and queens across five royal dynasties. To achieve this I devised a series of video formats, each intended to display a different aspect of the course. Across 12 production days I directed the filming with a chosen crew of in-house and freelance technicians. This direction involved coaching the cast and contributors as well as supervising the photography and sound. My role carried through to post-production where I worked closely with the editor, sound mixer and composer to ensure the series achieved HRP’s aims as well meeting the key deadlines.  Throughout the project we all pushed for a look and feel that would elevate the quality and production value of the films to the highest point permitted by the budget. We achieved this by prioritising key locations and talent, creating a robust and dynamic schedule as well as adapting the production to available locations. Challenges included working around palace opening times as well as considering conservation factors such as working around antique artefacts. This project was produced on behalf of MotionBlurr Studios.

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