A-JANE's Elegant Chaos - Fashion Scout

  • Sophie Winfield

I interviewed Alice of A-JANE for Fashion Scout.

The concept behind Alice Jane’s AW19 collection for A-JANE is Neue Musik, and the atonality which this genre of music excels in. Atonality means music which doesn’t follow a key; providing freedom of expression and inharmonious, clashing sounds that are more chaotic than they are harmonic.
By not allowing her creations to be restricted by the typical flowing lines, shapes and silhouettes of fashion, A-JANE opens her designs to a plenitude of possibilities. Less structured shapes such as curves and waves abound throughout this collection alongside oversized, puffed sleeves and panels that look as if they have been shredded.
Alice speaks about her fashion and music intertwining. “I wanted to explore the manuscript of music – the five lines on the music sheet were a defining point of inspiration for this collection”. This connection to the music sheet was shown through the use of black and white striped clothing, and were deconstructed through the addition of waves and ruffles that flowed around the models’ necks and across their chests.
The colour palette was simple: mostly black and white contrasted with luminous shades of green, yellow and blue for a refreshing pop of colour. The collection was simple and elegant, yet made insanely cool by the addition of lime green sock boots and oversized, abstract shaped earrings. The presentation was beautiful and attention-grabbing, and tied the inspiration of Neue Musik in simply by getting the models to make noise out of random items: tape, beads in a bowl and Velcro were moved around, pulled, and ripped to create a chaotic soundtrack that juxtaposed the simplicity of the clothes shown.

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