Video Advert to promote ALBA ENGLISH SCHOOL through a wee tale in which we aim to eulogise this beautiful city which hosts us so warmly. From the old days till the present, this city has lived many stories, and some of them still remain in every corner. "A tale of Edinburgh" has been developed through a mix of techniques which include: time-lapse, stop-motion, 3D, motion graphics, and obviously photography. Six months of hard work behind it and a lot of people involved to make this great project to be one of our favorites. Created & Edited by: Saul DeMoritz Photography: Saul DeMoritz & Dani Tinez Voice Over: John Spence Music: Thom Dudelsackpieler Animation: inkSTILL Lettering: Skaisse Guerrero

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Saul DeMoritz

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  • Freelance Filmmaker & Graphic Designer

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